How Not to Be Annoying at the Gym

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One of the great things about working out at home is the privacy. Workout anyway you want! Literally! On the other, there are issues, like, lack of equipment and safety. That said, there are several, multi-power rack/bench contraptions that will give you a great deal of variety and a very good degree of safety. Visit any retail store like Sports Authority or Sears to get a good feel for what is out there. The downside is of course price. Can be very pricey. And you have the alternatives like Bowflex that runs upward of $1000 to the newly arrived Tower 200 for a couple hundred bucks. Lastly, you have elastic band options like Bodylastics for under 50 bucks.

Which brings us to the gym, or the fitness center. With all things considered, it could be a viable financial alternative to a pricey home gym system. But that is not what this article is about.

Have you notice the increased number and popularity of “ladies only” fitness centers these past 10 years of so. The reason, I think, is deeper than just women not wanting to work out in the same room as men. Actually, I think most women probably have no problems working out in the same room as men. But the next time you go to the gym, take a moment and see if you observe what I have seen in most gyms:

• Guy drenched in sweat finishes a set of lat pull downs and proceeds to sit there, and sits there and sits there…

• Guy grabs a 40lbs dumbbell, and a 35lbs dumbbell, 30lbs,25lbs,15lbs, and a 10bls dumbbell, because he wants to run the rack doing lateral raises

• Guy using 315lbs barbell to do bent-over rows (more likely hunched over, moving the bar 3 inches), screaming, grunting, letting all who can hear – his roar of conquest!

• Guy finishing a great set of bench press, drenched in sweat, gets up and walks off – leaving most of his sweat behind. Oh, sweet!

• Guy finishes a set of incline presses, and then just drops the dumbbells to the ground. One time I saw this, an employee of the gym said something to the guy. The guy bellowed something like, “you got a problem, little man” – this guy being the hulk, of course. Not really!

I could go on. Why would women want to work out in that environment when they have can have an alternative. I have had my doubts often. Yet, if you are going to work out at the gym, this could be the environment you find yourself in.

Most gyms nowadays have separate areas for “average folks” like us and hardcore weightlifters/bodybuilders. But there is no rule that says you cannot use both areas. And you should! A great reason for doing a set of bench presses in the hardcore side is the inspiration that comes from being with a bunch of guys and gals pumping enormous amounts of weight. Okay, now, do not get carry away and try something beyond your level. Just workout at your pace but look at these guys and gals, you are going to be one of them in a year from now. That is exciting.

But let us get back to the above group of guys, because they can and will wreck your workout, especially if you work out at a small gym. My time objective has always been to be in and out of the gym in one hour. That breaks down like this,

• Change and Warm-Up – 15 Minutes

• Workout – 40 Minutes

• Change and Shower – 5 minutes (I shower fast and change fast and get out fast)

Okay, times are not iron clad but you get the point. My true workout is no more than 35 to 40 minutes. I have no time to wait for guys hogging equipment or being a nuisance. So here are my tips for getting in a quality work out and getting out quickly.

• Have a plan. Always have a plan. If your plan to hit your chest with bench press, flyes and pullovers but almost immediately all the benches are taken, what do you do? Wait? Of course not, immediately substitute with inclines. Or flip the sequence, or whatever option that lets you smoothly flow into your workout.

• Avoid the peak times, which always seems to me to be in the late afternoon. My workouts at the gym tend to be weekends and late evenings. I find less people working out at night and on weekends. Less people, better workout.

• Be polite and DO your workout. Someone finishes a set and does not move, politely ask if you can work in. Most of the time, the answer is “sure.” Occasionally, you will get, “I just got 2 more sets left” or a nonresponsive glare. In the latter cases, see tip #1 and move on.

• Do not use so heavy a weight that you are constantly looking for a spotter. This is an insidious time eater.

• This is everybody’s advice, mine too – do not socialize – unless! Either network, socialize or workout. You can socialize but do not plan having a great workout. And that is okay, if that is your plan. During your workout, you spy a fetching member of the opposite sex; do not do anything to ruin your current work. Just make plans for future contact. Okay, again, have a plan and work your plan.

• Have water bottle and tower with you. No constant heading to water fountain. Stay hydrated, stay focused. And please, please, wipe up your sweat.

Your objective is great workout at the gym because the gym offers variety, safety, and inspiration. Take the steps necessary to ensure that you maximize your time in the gym, and stay away from that guy!

H. Kim has never been athletically inclined and naturally a skinny kid. But through education and effort, H. Kim is still a terrible athlete, but he has learned a thing or two about packing on muscle. After 35 plus years of exercising, dieting, and learning; he has become a good student of what works and what does not. What he has learned in army from boxing to tae kwon do to weightlifting, he would like to share with you. If you love the feel of blood surging through your veins, the pump that swells the muscle, as much as H. Kim does, come on over to and share a few tips with rest of us.

Tall Women: Top 10 Sports for You Regardless of Body Type, Weight or Shape

Top sports for tall women of all body types go well beyond basketball and volleyball. Other top sports for tall women of all body types are plenty, sports you’d never think tall would be such a significant advantage. Tall women who think they have no athletic skills should try these sports. I’m a certified personal trainer, and at 5-8, have always envied my taller female clients. Being extra tall doesn’t automatically mean you’re athletically gifted, but it also doesn’t mean you can’t find a sport you’ll really enjoy.

Previously non-athletic tall women may be pleasantly surprised to discover an untapped aptitude and passion. And if such tall women are young enough, there might still be time to get good enough to compete nationally!

We all know that basketball and volleyball love tall women. It’s also no longer a secret that tall women have an advantage in tennis or badminton, either because of a better reach or more torque when serving. It’s common sense to know that tall women have an advantage in high jumping, though an amazing vertical jump is also required.

But tall women of all body types can do quite well in other sports; tall women need not be as thin as high jumpers to possess aptitude in sports.

Top sports for tall women with “skinny” body types:

High jump, pole vault, fencing, saber fighting. Most of these sports require the ability to deliver great reaches, which include lunging motions to get to a ball or target as quickly as possible. Pole vault and high jump require ability to clear a height, so it’s obvious why tall, lightweight women would like to try these.

Top sports for tall women with lean (not stick-thin) body types:

Basketball, volleyball, lacrosse, tennis, swimming, golf, handball, softball, martial arts, soccer goalie, fencing, sabre fighting. Several of these sports are not listed in the skinny body type category because to do really well, a little more muscle mass is required. Though people can look at Maria Sharapova or Venus Williams and call them “skinny,” let’s be honest: These two tall women are not as skinny as tall women the same height who model at Paris fashion shows. Top high jumpers may easily be 6-2, but weigh 20 pounds less than Venus or Maria.

Top sports for tall women with medium body types:

Basketball, volleyball, rowing, tennis, lacrosse, swimming, golf, handball, discus, shot-put, javelin, soccer goalie, softball, martial arts, fencing, sabre fighting. This list is a lot longer now because some of these sports require more muscle mass than a very lean woman can deliver, such as rowing, discus and shot-put. For example, two tall women may both weigh 155 pounds, but one is 16 percent body fat, and the other is 24 percent body fat.

The one at 16 percent body fat will do a lot better at rowing, because more of her body weight is muscle, and rowing is a power-based sport.

Top sports for tall women with bigger body types (“husky,” “built,” “overweight,” “big boned”):

Basketball, volleyball, rowing, discus, shot-put, javelin, softball, golf, martial arts, fencing, sabre fighting, power lifting. Yes, tall women who can stand to lose a bit of weight can still do wonderfully in basketball and volleyball, even though these sports require a lot of quick movement and running. You’ll see tall but heavy women in the WNBA, and at least one beach volleyball player I saw at the 2008 Olympics was noticeably pudgy, though because she was 6-4, I’m sure she’s referred to as big boned rather than pudgy.

A tall heavy body is not necessarily a hindrance in softball, depending on position played, and the weight going behind the ball at bat is a definite asset for tall women who can swing a bat well. Discus, shot-put and javelin are not the type of sports that women must take up as children, like tennis, in order to excel at high levels. Young tall women can try these sports and still have a crack at becoming nationally ranked.

But bear in mind that just because being tall and a bit weighty is not a hindrance as it would be in competitive tennis, lacrosse or pole vaulting, it’s important to note that if tall women want to truly excel at these sports, they will need to alter their body composition so that 180 pounds on a 6-1 body isn’t mostly fat. The power lifter, discus thrower and shot-putter, for example, can actually be overweight with body fat, and still excel.

Martial arts, fencing and sabre fighting can be draining on the cardiovascular system, but the drain is short-lived as opposed to long-duration like lacrosse or tennis. Further, some martial arts tournaments have board breaking competitions; endurance not required. Forms competitions are also suitable for a well-trained heavy tall woman.

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Carnival-Snake Oil or Solution?

In an article by Tech Crunch recently, it announced the quiet debut of Carnival, a brand accelerating mobile app employing a subscription business model.  Brand yearly subscription rates range between low 5 figures to low 6 figures.  A hefty chunk to be sure.  Yet the overall marketing environment has compelled about 60 large brands to participate in the experiment.

Over the past few years, businesses have been busy creating their own apps.  There are so many apps out there now that building a large following is nearly impossible.  This is especially true in geo space.  What does it matter if you have a bunch of geo fences out there if nobody has your app?  Without it,  passing users will not see your messages, no matter how compelling they may be.   It seems nobody seriously asked themselves why a user would want to open the app in the first place.

Carnival, at least, is asking many of the right questions.  But does their solution go far enough to provide an environment users want to engage often?  Why would a user want to open the app?  For a deal?  Groupon proved that model isn’t sustainable.  To play a cheesy game?  FourSquare proved that model can’t last.  Will extreme push messages compel users to engage?  Push messages of any kind will be seen more and more as glorified spam.  It will be a turn off.  So why will users want to participate in Carnival?  This question hasn’t been addressed sufficiently to justify 5 and 6 digit subscriptions.  But the fact that so many brands are willing to pony up that much clearly proves brands are desperate.  We need a solution that creates a communications bridge between mobile users and local businesses.  A solution that users are excited to use on a regular basis.  I’m not certain Carnival has met the challenge?

People don’t want a digital show.  They have become numb to spam and push messages.  What people want is an environment where they can engage real people in real ways who are physicallly near them.  People are interesting.  And when people come together they start playing with each other.  Think of the last time you went to a football game.  What did you notice about the crowd?  The mindset of the fans was playful, fun and exciting.  In fact, people love to play with others so much that they even initiate crowd waves, jumping up and laughing as each wave ripples around the stadium.  This is what people want.  People want to engage in crowd play with those around them.  People are getting bored of playing with non humans.  At minimum, they are starting to hunger for something more.

When you can provide true crowd play in your app, then you have a chance to build a crowd following.  Where there are crowds there is opportunity for businesses to engage and influence.  In escence, the true answer lies in all local businesses building the same crowd together rather than each building their own indepent following.  Only in this way can businesses leverage their visibility and drive down subscription costs to the three digit range.

Will Carnival succeed where others have failed?  If they remain on this course I am skeptical.  So what can a brand or local business do now?  Not to worry, there are those who have been working and have created a solution?



Jim Raboin is the creator of coubiq™,  a  mobile location based social media that moves people to experience more around them.

What Fitness Equipment Is Best for Losing Weight?

A common question asked in gyms and exercise equipment stores is which type of exercise equipment will be best for helping someone lose weight.  While salespeople usually take this opportunity to point the unsuspecting customer in the direction of the most expensive piece of equipment, the answer is actually quite shocking.  The simple truth- the machine type doesn’t really matter.  Having exercise equipment is certainly an important part of losing weight, but the secret to weight loss doesn’t hinge on whether you choose the bike or the treadmill.  The secret hinges on choosing the machine that you will actually use with regularity.

Losing weight is not a matter of working out certain muscle groups.  In order to lose weight, you need to follow one basic principle, which is to burn off more calories than you take in.  That’s it, that is the secret to weight loss.  Where exercise equipment comes into play is that it can help you expend calories at a much higher rate while helping you to boost heart health and tone muscles.  If you take the time to choose a piece of exercise equipment that you can enjoy using and will utilize on a regular basis, then you have found the best equipment for losing weight.

When looking for fitness equipment, there are a few things to keep in mind.  First, if you have bad joints or are significantly overweight, you should consider a low impact machine, such as a recumbent bike.  Second, think of which muscle groups you most want to target.  Even if your goal is simple weight loss, choosing a machine that will tone a particular group of muscles can improve health while helping you reach appearance goals as well.  Last, choose a machine that is enjoyable for you.  This could be a machine with a video screen or Mp3 player, or a bike that reminds you of your childhood bicycle.  If your goal is to lose weight, your biggest worry is simply to find the piece of fitness equipment that will get you up and exercising with regularity.

Exercise Equipment Review provides an unbiased consumer review of exercise bikes, elliptical trainers and treadmills. Author Chris Brown has been researching exercise equipment for his own home gym.

Game 3: Lakers Versus Celtics Recap

The Los Angeles Lakers came into Boston with the NBA Finals tied at one game apiece after splitting a home stand with the Boston Celtics. Game 3 was another battle of emotion and wits. Similar to a chess match, Phil Jackson and Doc Rivers moved their pieces into place in order to come out on top. The game, live on ABC, was like a heavyweight title fight that saw blow-by-blow from each competitor in unusual places.

The Celtics got a major boost from the bench players when they needed it the most. Glen ‘Big Baby’ Davis and Tony Allen proved crucial in the second-half surge that led the Celtics to within two points of the Lakers with minutes left to play. Davis came in and played 24 major minutes and contributed 12 points off the bench, while Allen harassed the Lakers defensively and chipped in his own 7 points.

On the other side of the court, the Lakers packed a punch with veteran guard Derek Fisher late in the game. Fisher put the Lakers on his back, with timely points in the fourth quarter to keep the Celtics at bay. A change from the previous two game in Los Angeles, Fisher chipped away at the Celtics hopes with 16 points. He was the X-factor in game 3.

The real story story from game 3 was the officiating and the new rule that implements replay within the final two minutes of the game. There were several opportunities for the officials to get calls right; for the most part, they did. The one play that stands out was when Lamar Odom snagged a rebound within the final two minutes and Rajon Rondo seemingly lodged the ball loose and forced it out of bounds. A review quickly followed and the call that came was shocking.

When looking at the replay, it is clearly obvious that Rondo missed the ball completely and took out Odom’s right arm, causing him to throw the ball away with his left hand. Yes, the ball went out of bounds because Odom threw it there, but it was at the expense of a Rondo foul. The Celtics were rewarded the ball. I expect that, soon, if not immediately, the rules of replay will be changed.

It is clear that the constant replay took away from the game that was played. It slowed down the peak of the fourth quarter with unnecessary stoppage and made it almost pointless to watch the game on television. In the end, the Lakers held off the Celtics to prove victorious in a 91-84 victory. The Lakers now lead the series two games to one.

The usual suspects: ESPN cited the Lakers’ Kobe Bryant had 29 points and seven rebounds, Pau Gasol added 13 points and 10 rebounds, and Andrew Bynum provided nine points along with 10 rebounds. The Celtics’ Kevin Garnett had 25 points and six rebounds, Paul Pierce chipped in 15 points in limited action due to foul trouble, and Rajon Rondo scored 11 points along with dishing out eight assists.

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Kinds of Callaway Irons

In 1982, former vineyard owner Ely Callaway bought a share of the Hickory Stick USA golf club manufacturer for $400,000. By the end of the decade the company, now called Callaway Golf, had sales of more than $10 million, according to Callaway’s website. Since then, Callaway has grown into one of the world’s largest golf manufacturers, and pros such as Phil Mickelson and Morgan Pressel have won tour events using Callaway clubs. The company continues to manufacture a complete line of irons. Four of the company’s standard iron sets and two hybrid lines earned “gold” recognition on the 2012 “Golf Digest” Hot List.


Callaway advertises 2- through 6-hybrids as of the date of this publication. The three hybrid lines are sold individually or as parts of sets. The 2-hybrid is lofted 18 degrees and measures 40 3/4 inches in length. The 6-hybrids feature as much as 30 degrees of loft and 38 inches of length. Graphite shafts are standard on all the company’s hybrid clubs.


The company offers a variety of individual wedges, lofted from 48 to 64 degrees and all between 35 and 35 1/2 inches long. Within its standard iron sets, Callaway offers four types of wedges, including a pitching wedge, sand wedge, lob wedge and what it terms an “approach” wedge, which some might call a gap wedge. The approach wedge is lofted 49 degrees.

Standard Irons

As of 2012 Callaway manufactures seven different lines of irons,such as Callaway X-22 Irons, according to the company’s website. Its forged iron set, for “elite” golfers, and the blade set are the only two Callaway lines that include a 2-iron, both of which are lofted 18 degrees. Its players and game improvement sets feature irons 3 through 9, lofted from 19 degrees (3-iron) to 40 degrees (9-iron). Other sets begin with a 4-iron or 5-iron. The irons designed for better players come standard with steel shafts, but most Callaway irons may be customized with steel or graphite shafts; some of the steel-shafted clubs are 1/2 inch shorter than their graphite counterparts.

Women’s and Junior’s Clubs

Callaway produces four lines specifically made for women. The clubs are slightly shorter and lighter than men’s clubs and contain irons 3 through 9, as well as the company’s four standard wedges. The company lists eight lines of junior clubs on its website, with four lines tailored for players 5 to 8 years old and the other four for those 9 to 12 years old. Two lines in each age group are described as clubs for girls. Sets for the younger golfers contain a 5-hybrid, 9-iron and sand wedge golf clubs for sale. Two of the other junior sets feature a 5-hybrid, 7-iron and 9-iron, plus a sand wedge. The other two sets contain a 5-iron instead of a 5-hybrid.

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Why Callaway Hyper X Driver Get So Many Objective Reviews

I do not know there are how many golfers are the fans of Callaway Golf Clubs  , but there is no  doubt that I’m really a fan of Callaway Golf Clubs  ,all of my golf equipment are from Callaway.

We all know that Callaway Golf Clubs engineers set out looking for breakthrough ball speed enhancements that would set a new standard in a crowded all-titanium driver market. The innovative Hyper X Driver provides a new benchmark in performance with the introduction of Hyperbolic Face Technology, redefining the look, feel and speed at which golf balls leave the clubface. 

Do you know how do the media says about the Callaway Hyper X Driver ?

 Golf Digest

“Hard-nosed, blue-collar performance…plenty of pop.”

 Today’s Golfer

“Effective hitting area…really hot club…stats back it up.”

 Golf Monthly

“Very long…deep head and narrow face off-putting.”

Specc’d with a regular flex Fujikura Fit on shaft,the lofts available are 9, 10 and 11 degrees, with only the 10 and 11 degree models being available in left hand aswell as right.

Back to what the fine marketing folks at Callaway want you to know. Besides the fact that the Hyper X generates higher ball speeds across the entire face for significant distance gains on off-center hits, it also has what they refer to as an “optimized head shape.” The strategic internal weighting and 460cc size create a high moment of inertia (MOI) for increased forgiveness and stability on miss-hits.

460cc head shape has been optimized for a high MOI while maintaining a traditional look. The advanced Fujikura shaft adds to the driver’s incredible feel and performance.

Features of Callaway Hyper X Driver :

Hyperbolic Face Technology improves impact efficiency and produces the largest effective hitting area of any Callaway Golf Clubs all-titanium driver for higher ball speeds

Modified X-Sole design aids alignment at address so Callaway hyper driverstart on the intended target line

Optimized head shape generates a high MOI for increased forgiveness and stability on miss-hits

S2H2 of hyper driver increases discretionary weight by removing it from the hosel so it can be repositioned in the perimeter of the clubhead.

Thomas Bjorn, the winner of the 2011 Omega European Masters. Also , Bjorn is one of Callaway Golf’s staff players, of course , he is the best golf fan of Callaway.

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Olympic Gold Medalist and WNBA Super Star Candace Parker to Inspire Kids at Special Needs Camp

Parkour you know the score – watch more funny videos

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) July 27, 2013

WNBA MVP and All-Star, Candace Parker, along with her Los Angeles Sparks teammates, Farhiya Abdi and Kristi Toliver, will conduct a special basketball clinic for children with special needs and their typical siblings and peers at Special Needs Network (SNN)’s Joe Patton Academy Camp (Camp JPAC) on Tuesday, July 30. This will be the third year in a row that the L.A. Sparks have partnered with SNN to put on “Sparks Day” – a day that incorporates basketball training and self-empowerment to inspire young campers to work hard and reach for their dreams.

A valued community partner of Special Needs Network, the L.A. Sparks have supported the organization in various ways such as donating exclusive ticket packages with VIP seats and gift bags to yearly fundraisers and offering hundreds of complimentary game tickets to SNN children and families. Plans for an Autism Awareness Night at a Sparks game are currently in development.

“Candace and the entire L.A. Sparks organization have been long-time supporters of our organization and we are absolutely thrilled to have them join us again this year,” says Areva Martin, Esq., Special Needs Network’s president and co-founder. “On and off the court, it is such a gift to see the positive impact Candace has on our kids. She’s truly an inspiration to us all.”

Cited by Sports Illustrated as the “most talented player in the history of women’s basketball,” Parker began her career as the most sought after recruit and was drafted by the University of Tennessee where she led the team to win two NCAA titles. During her time at Tennessee, Parker received multiple MVP recognitions, as well as Rookie of the Year in 2006. The L.A. Sparks drafted Parker during the first round in 2008. That same year, while playing on the U.S. Olympic team in Beijing, China, Parker won two Olympic gold medals. In 2009, Parker was named Top Female Athlete at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards.

“It’s an honor to join the Special Needs Network team at Camp JPAC,” says Parker. “Each year, I come to share my skills with these children and each year I leave feeling inspired by them.”

Parker is the first WNBA play to win MVP and Rookie of the Year in the same season. She was also the first WNBA play to dunk in consecutive games and she made history scoring the most points in a debut game. Parker, who is also a mom, prides herself on setting a positive example for young children, especially her young friends at SNN’s Camp JPAC.


Special Needs Network (SNN) is based in Los Angeles and is California’s leading grassroots autism advocacy organization. As a nonprofit organization, SNN was established to help families faced with autism and other developmental disabilities. The organization focuses on raising public awareness, impacting public policy, increasing education and access to resources for families, children and adults. For more information, visit or call (323) 291-7100.

Jessica Munday

Trio Solutions, Inc.

843-216-0442 Offers Hottest News Section on Basketball

The WTF Moment of a Reporter – watch more funny videos

(PRWEB) January 23, 2012

Basketball section is now available on Alltopics. is a vital source for anybody out there interested in sports, or wanting to know more about the latest news and interesting details on the world of basketball. Whether the reader is a NBA player, or a sports enthusiast, neither one of those guys can afford to be without the incredible source of news, videos and images avaliable on

From now on the best basketball news are gathered in one place. With users can search all over the globe and the web to find the best basketball stories, hints, ideas, tips and breaking news, all to help the reader to stay abreast of the conditions and situations that might might be useful in the world of Basketball. Alltopics rates the articles, garnered from social networks like Facebook, Google and Twitter, by popular demand. is the number one stop on the Internet that helps to find all the latest gossip, breaking news, unusual conditions and news flashes that might affect Basketball around the country and around the world.

Browse Basketball news now. After browsing, the reader will be bowled over by the abundance of basketball news. Who invented National Basketball Association? Can short people become amazing basketball players? Why Michael Jordan has quit? And what is the difference between streetball and basketball? All the answers are at, the number one news source that’s constantly updated, constantly changing and is always free.

The Alltopics Search becomes faster and more effective. gives readers the world of basketball at a moment’s touch. Users can browse literally dozens of articles about NBA teams, most controversial games, popular events, superb guides for the beginners, as well as videos and images of the world of basketball. The more people search and click on the piece of information, the faster Alltopics chooses and saves the news. That is why the website is a database that’s forever evolving and giving out information that is brand new. is a smoking hot composite story, article, news and information website that offers, among many other topics, the best basketball news, together with the latest and most enjoyed postings from all the social networks and news sources on the Internet. It’s all arranged by topic and popularity on

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Top 5 Things to Do in Portrush, Northern Ireland

There are two huge events that take place in Portrush every year – the North West 200 and the Northern Ireland International Airshow. Tens of thousands of people come from all over Ireland, the UK, and the world, for those events. Portrush is also the heart of the Causeway Coast. It is used as a base for people visiting the Giant’s Causeway, Bushmills Distillery, Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge and the Causeway Coast Coastal Route. There is more to Portrush than big annual events and the Giant’s Causeway, however. Portrush is a haven for golfers and a pligrimage for surfers. Thousands of people come to the coastal town every weekend for the great restaurants and nightlife. At the same time it is one of the most popular destinations in Northern Ireland for families. It also has many historical attractions, steeped in Irish history with generous toppings of lore. This guide will help you get the most out of your visit to Portrush.

1. The Beach and surfing

One of the main attractions of Portrush is the beaches. There are three main beaches – East Strand, West Bay and (slightly out of the town) White Rocks. They are all clean and picturesque, perfect for walks, picnics or just lolling about for a day.

Then there is the surfing. Ireland has some of the best surfing waves in the world, even though it doesn’t fit the image of a surfing mecca. Except during the best months of summer, surfing in Ireland means wearing thick wetsuits, rather than trendy shorts and a suntan.

The positive part is the waves in Ireland can be as good as anything in the US or Australia, whether you are body-boarding or surfing.

Portrush is the surfing capital of Northern Ireland and one of the best locations on the whole island. Apart from the waves, one of the best things is how close the beaches are to the amenities of the town, including hotels in Portrush, as well as restaurants, cafes and shops.

West Bay beach is within walking distance of Portrush town centre. It has European Blue Flag status so is very clean. There is a promenade for walks with views of Portrush town centre and Portrush harbour.

East Strand beach is on the other side of Portrush Harbour. It stretches from the east side of Portrush town to White Rocks beach and for part, it is backed by Royal Portrush Golf Course. It is a beautiful section of Ireland’s coastline that includes an extensive system of dunes. The views look over the Skerries (a chain of small islands just off the coast of Portrush inhabited by birds) and all the way to the Scottish islands.

White Rocks beach is rugged and beautiful. The rocks are made from limestone and contain many fossils. The views of the rocks, the Irish coastline and out over the ocean towards Scotland are stunning.

2. Play Golf

Portrush has three golf courses. One of the three is the championship course at Royal Portrush, one of the best golf courses on the island of Ireland. It hosted the 2012 Irish Open and is a favourite course of many professional players, including Graeme McDowell, Darren Clarke and Padraig Harrington.

The other two golf courses are Rathmore Golf Club (part of Royal Portrush) and Ballyreagh Golf Course. Before we look at these courses it is important to acknowledge the fact there are three golf courses (including one that is internationally acclaimed) in a town that has a population of just 6,300 and many other attractions vying for people’s attention, including the beaches and the stunning natural landmarks.

The home of golf in Northern Ireland is Portrush.

Northern Ireland has a high proportion of professional golfers in comparison to its population. If you are playing Royal Portrush (or are in one the nearby eating or drinking establishments) you might see one of them – Rory McIlroy, Darren Clarke or Graeme McDowell.

Royal Portrush has two courses. The Dunluce Links is the championship course. It is a stunning course that has been moulded into the natural, undulating sand dunes. The rough is unforgivable and the weather can change completely within 10 minutes so, if you want to test yourself, book a tee-time on Dunluce Links at Royal Portrush.

The other course at Royal Portrush is Valley Links – Rathmore Golf Club. It lies in a natural valley between East Strand beach and the Dunluch Links at Royal Portrush. It is an hourable golfing test with similar challenges to the championship course, including tough greens, unpredicatable weather, and testing rough.

The third golf course in Portrush is the nine-hole, council-owned Ballyreagh Golf Course. It is located on the coast with beautiful views and some challenging holes.

3. Historical Attractions, including Dunluce Castle

There are many world-famous historical attractions close to Portrush, including the Giant’s Causeway and Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge. For this article, however, we want to concentrate on what is on offer in Portrush itself.

The main historical attraction in Portrush is Dunluce Castle. It is a breathtaking ruin that dominates part of the coastline just outside Portrush.

It is thought Dunluce Castle dates back to the 13th century, although it is unlikely much of the structure built then remains today. We know it was owned by the McQuillan family in 1513 – they played a significant role in the development of the Antrim Glens in the 16th century. Just over 70 years later it was seized by the MacDonnell family. Legend has it that at some point during their ownership, the kitchen fell into the sea, prompting the lady of the castle to refuse to live in it any longer.

Following the Battle of the Boyne in 1690, the MacDonnell family fell on hard times and the castle was left to ruin. It is now a significant historical monument and a place we are still learning about – in 2011 a major archeological dig found a “lost town of Dunluce”.

In popular culture, Dunluce Castle has appeared in the artwork of the Led Zepplin album Houses of the Holy and in the movie The Medallion which starred Jackie Chan.

As well as Dunluce Castle there are other historical buildings in Portrush including many churches and the railway station, which dates back to 1855.

4. Family entertainment

Portrush is a popular holiday destination for people all over Ireland so it will not be surprising that there are lots of things to do.

At the Dunluce Centre there is a special effects theatre, laser games, a viewing tower (with spectacular views over Portrush), and an indoor play are.

Waterworld is an indoor water attraction with pools and water slides. There is also ten pin bowling for those who do not want to get wet.

Then there is Barry’s Amusements, one of the largest amusement parks in Ireland. It is located right in the centre of Portrush and features both indoor and outdoor rides plus other games and amusements.

Each year there are big annual events that are popular with all ages. The North West 200, for example, is the largest spectator sporting event in Ireland. That is understandable as the action is fast and very exciting. For thrills in the air, there is the Northern Ireland International Air Show. It takes place in September each year with the coast of Portrush providing a natural amphitheatre for this spectacular two-day event. Finally, for something a bit more silly, there is the RNLI raft race where contestants build rafts and race from West Strand beach to Portrush Harbour.

Due to the weather on the north coast of Ireland, many of the attractions listed above are only open during the summer months. Please make sure you check before making travel plans.

5. Nightlife

The nightlife in Portrush is famous all over Northern Ireland, with restaurants, bars and clubs to suit all tastes.

There is a variety of restaurants. Try the Best Western Magherbouy House Hotel for traditional Irish food made from local ingredients. For something more contemporary try the Harbour Bistro, or for light lunch go for Morelli’s.

There are a range of bars to choose from, many of which have live entertainment at weekends. The Anchor Bar is a local tip, as it is frequented by many who live in Portrush.

If clubbing is your thing, you cannot go past Lush, one of the biggest clubs in Northern Ireland. It regularly attracts big-name DJs from the UK and is popular throughout the week given its close proximity to the Coleraine campus of the University of Ulster.

S J McGinley is a travel blogger and journalist from Northern Ireland. He edits Hotels in Portrush, the best resource for finding hotels, B&Bs and guest houses on Ireland’s north coast.